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Drinktec Exhibition

Expotechnik were asked by Krones AG, a world leading brewery and food process technology company, to provide an exciting environment for its visitors without detracting from the exhibits. Krones AG used the entire exhibition hall to showcase its extensive range of machinery and systems, with the stunning two story ‘Think Tower’ providing the centre of attention in the middle of the hall.

Project details

Car Launch in the Mediterranean

German designer ‘CoDuck’ Meidt specified the G-LEC Phantom system, using 262 1 x 1m frames to create three large video display surfaces measuring 96m², 72m² and 46m² respectively, and one long strip 48m². The content was delivered by four media servers.

Project details

Volkswagen’s IROC

Motivation and excitement was the brief behind the launch of Volkswagen’s concept car IROC to the world’s media. As video was played on the Phantom wall, the audience could hear, but not see, the cars racing around them, just the other side of the wall. Then a dramatic and unexpected reveal, as the wall of video was flown quickly out of sight.

Project details