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Munich, Germany - 2005

Drinktec Exhibition

Four curved display surfaces, arranged in an oval to surround a two story stand. Twelve Phantom graphics computers were synchronised, allowing direct video control of all 288 frames. The frames were arranged with two long sides of 18 x 6 frames and two shorter sides of 8 x 6 frames, with portals to allow access.

Expotechnik were asked by Krones AG, a world leading brewery and food process technology company, to provide an exciting environment for its visitors without detracting from the exhibits. Krones AG used the entire exhibition hall to showcase its extensive range of machinery and systems, with the stunning two story ‘Think Tower’ providing the centre of attention in the middle of the hall.

The 288 Phantom frames surrounded the Think Tower in four oval shaped walls, where the short ends were constructed with large portals to give access to the central walkway. The G-LEC system provided a colourful and dynamic textured backdrop prompting visitors to go to the information centre to collect product information and register their details.

The transparency of the G-LEC display allowed the visitors inside the Think Tower to see through to the displays in the hall and gave a light and airy feel to the visitor experience. Just as important was the speed and ease of construction and break-down, which significantly reduced on-site costs.