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Download the most current software (mmdisp version, including updated drivers, SerialUpdater, and CableCalculator, here: glec_setup_b36c.exe Updated: This install script also comes with the latest serial.dat compiled in (actually: 2334 entries, as of 12-14-2009)

Update [12-17-2009]: a bug has been reported which is actually located in the Zoom function. Will be fixed as soon as possible. Workaround for the moment: either don't use the zoom, or:

(1) zoom in, and do any adjustments to your liking
(2) zoom out again (1X), and touch each group, and move it once (e.g. using the arrow keys)
(3) only then, save the project, and/or upload

Make sure you read the Important Notes (updated version, 12-08-2009) before installing/operating the new version!

Learn all about new features and enhancements in the Changelog.

In order to uninstall old USB drivers, the FTClean utility might come in handy (download here or from vendor's website).

And finally: here is the CableCalculator, to get you a quick overview.

For backward compatibility, here is the latest serial.dat (right-click, 'Save As...')

Quick manuals for the recently invented S-Drive II are available for download (Quick Start Guide/en, Kurzbedienungsanleitung/de)